Shareable web reports

Pour your survey results into a beautiful, customizable web page

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Multiple layouts

Completely structure the layout of your web report by adding different sections, containing images, maps, charts and more.

Customizable style

Want to bring some spark to your report? Play with the styling options to give the web page your own flair.

Publish your page

Can’t wait to share your web page with the world? Publish your web report on a customized URL and share it with others.

Real-time updates

This ain’t no static pdf! The data of your charts, maps and images are automatically updated when your survey gets more respondents.

interactive charts

Interactive charts

Our interactive charts let you hover over them and see the exact information behind the data. They also let you show and hide different data series, to give your viewers more freedom into fully understanding the insights you want to share with them.

Interactive maps

Just like our map dashboards, the maps you integrate into your web report are completely interactive, with clickable elements and a flexible legend. Compared to a static map, this gives your viewers much more information, in a user friendly way.

Interactive maps

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