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Customize your survey and ask the right questions for each respondent.

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Question logic

Maplix offers question logic based on answers to previous questions, or even on the transport mode the respondent selected for their route segment.

Map customization

Fully customize your map by choosing the right base layer, adding additional data and picking the right style for your respondents’ map interactions.

Custom branding

Give your survey your own look and feel by adding your own logo, and picking your own color theme.

Question types

Wide range of question types

To get great data from your respondents, you need to ask great questions. Maplix offers a wide range of question types, from the basic radio buttons and checkboxes to sliders, rankings, ratings, tables and many more. Many of which can even be further customized with options and styling possibilities.

Different map interactions

Maplix allows you to define four types of draw interactions: points, straight lines, routes and polygons. Each type can be styled individually, and you can choose to ask different questions for different interactions.

Different map interactions

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