A solution for every spatial challenge Maplix guides you through your participatory trajectory from start to finish.


Design map based surveys in no time with Maplix Studio

  • Complete research package. We offer a combination of map-based and regular question possibilities.
  • Accessible design interface. No experience with maps? Don't worry, we've got you covered.
  • Multiple language options. Ready to publish a questionnaire in English, Dutch or French.
  • Wide range of question types. Enabling you to gather data in a flexible and creative way.
  • Extensive question logic. Structure your questionnaire according to the respondent's answers and map interactions.


Collect spatial input from respondents with your own Maplix Survey

  • Unlimited data collection. There is no limit to your survey's succes, right? Ask away.
  • Accessible survey interface. Simple and clear, because participating should be possible for everyone.
  • Multiple map interaction possibilities. Ask respondents to select or draw polygons, points or lines on a map, and attach specific questions to them.
  • Automated road matching. Want to learn more about travel behaviour? Let respondents draw lines on the map, and we snap them to the road segments for you. Easy peasy.
  • Responsive survey layouts. Maximize your reach by allowing participation on mobile devices.


Transform your data directly into charts and maps with Maplix Analytics

  • Extensive analysis options. Analyze your survey responses to draw meaningful conclusions.
  • Multiple chart visualizations. Every question requires a fitting chart. We offer you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of data visualisations.
  • Beautiful map design. Visualize your map data in good looking and understandable maps. No experience? You'll be making maps like a pro.
  • Conditional map styling and filtering. Displaying your survey results according to your own purpose. Create clusters, heatmaps or show your data in individual categories.
  • Immediate data exports. Do you prefer a DIY-approach? Download survey results in your favourite format, and start analyzing in a jiffy.


Get the conversation started and share your results with Maplix Reports

  • Sharable web reports. Create your own web reports to share easily online and put your data in the spotlight for a broad audience.
  • Custom design possibilities. Structure your report as you like, combining graphs, tables, maps, images and text to share the full story.
  • Interactive map view. Add dynamic maps to your reports that allow interactivity and clickable map elements. Because there is more to a map than meets the eye.
  • Dynamic legend categories. Enable filtering in your chart and map results by switching the legend categories on or off.
  • Automated response updates. New results? No need to create a new report every time. Your report results are automatically updated. Keep sharing!