Maps module

Create and share beautiful maps like a pro, without GIS-expertise.

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Visualization options

From dashed lines to arrows, markers, multi-colored polygons, your own icons or even heatmaps and cluster maps. We’ve got everything you need to make your map look great!

Additional data layers

When analyzing geospatial data, we often need data from other sources to use as an overlay. Simply upload your dataset, or use an external resource, such as a WMS, and add it to your map!

Rule-based styling

Want to style elements according to an answer the respondent gave or the selected transport mode? With our rule-based styling options, your map layer is not restricted to just one style.

Publish your map

Can’t wait to show your map to the world? You can publish your web map on a customized URL and share it with others!

Real-time updates

You can publish your map even while the survey is still live. The data in your map is automatically updated!

Select elements on the map

Select elements on the map

Both in editor mode and in published maps, you can select elements on the map and get all the respondent’s answers and other information in a nice popover window.

Flexible legend items

The legend items of your map can be labeled in multiple languages, and can be visualized or hidden with a simple on/off-switch. If a layer has sublayers or rule-based styling, the legend item can be expanded or collapsed for a more clear view.

Flexible legend items

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