Map based surveys

In the end you want a nice map, so why not start from one?

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Citizen participation

Digital surveys are the most efficient way to gather information from citizens for your research or project. With its accessible and easy-to-use interface, Maplix provides the tool to make both creating and taking a survey fun and easy for everyone.

Interact with a map

It’s hard to ignore the spatial aspect in modern issues like urban planning and mobility. That’s why our map based surveys allow respondents to draw points, lines, polygons or routes on a map, and answer different types of questions about those geometries.

Image background

Want to work on more of a micro scale, or do you want feedback on a model image? Maplix also provides image based surveys, which behave the same as a map based survey, only you get to choose the image on which the respondents draw.

Unlimited data collection

There is no limit to your survey’s success, right? Unlike other survey software, we do not put a limit on respondents.

Accessible user interface

Both creating and taking a survey in Maplix is simple and clear, for everyone.

Multi language surveys

Ready to publish your survey in English, Dutch, French or German, and this list is continuously growing.

Responsive survey layouts

Maximize your reach by allowing participation on mobile devices. Our surveys are well adapted to them.

Add your own data

Add your own data

Besides our many base layer options, Maplix allows you to add additional geospatial data to the map to give your respondents all the information they need. Want to visualize results from a previous survey, upload your own data or make use of third party services? No problem!

Automated road matching

Want to learn more about travel behaviour? Let respondents draw lines on the map, and we snap them to the road segments for you. No more analyzing routes as straight lines that go through buildings! Additionally, because of our built-in selector, you know the transport mode the respondent uses for each segment of the route.

Automated road matching

Try it yourself

Below you can find an example of a map page inside of a Maplix survey.

Complete research package

Maplix offers a complete survey tool by giving you the possibility to combine map based, image based and regular question options into one survey. Because of our extensive survey options, you have the power to create high-quality surveys in a matter of minutes and collect the high-quality data you’ve always wanted.

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