Built-in reports

Gain insights from respondents through charts, tables and map visualizations.

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Respondent statistics

Get insights on how many respondents completed your survey, answered which questions, how long it took them, and remove outliers from your data set.

Chart visualization

Combine multiple questions, choose the right chart type and style your charts according to your own liking with our easy-to-use chart builder.

Data exports

Prefer a DIY-approach? No problem! Maplix provides both spatial and non-spatial exports of your survey results, easily integratable into your favorite analytics software.

question close up

Question close-up

Get a close-up of each question individually, how respondents answered them and easily compare it with other questions to detect links between them.

Map view

In the case of a map or image interaction, you can easily determine the link between the answer to the question and the geometry on the map with our built-in map view.

map view analytics

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