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A spatial platform that connects people

Maplix gives complex challenges in the public space a new dimension by facilitating participatory mapping and inspiring citizen engagement with map based surveys.

Let respondents interact with a map

Collect geospatial input from respondents with easy-to-use map based surveys.

Analyze results with built-in analytics

No more analytical overhead. Maplix automatically generates charts and tables for you.

Create interactive maps to share with others

Share the results of your research with the world on a fully customizable interactive web map.

... and much more!

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Why you should use Maplix

Maplix brings a new perspective to citizen participation.

Geospatial Data Collection

Collect high-quality geospatial data from respondents to ensure detailed map visualizations.

User Friendly Interface

Easy-to-use and accessible map interactions to enable everyone to be involved.

Secure Data Management

Protected data storage and encrypted data transfers, completely GDPR compliant.

Beautiful Map Design

Visualize survey results in clear and good looking maps like a pro.

Extensive Analysis Options

Transform and combine survey results directly into clear graphs and tables.

Shareable Web Reports

Design custom reports to share results and get the conversation started.

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Citizens rate Maplix surveys at 4.2 out of 5.


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